Top 10 Best Beginner Tips for Brawlhalla

Can’t seem to win in Brawlhalla? Keep losing 1v1s? Your enemy keeps dodging your attacks and then punishing you for it? Well, we’ll be listing 10 tips to help you improve and win more games in Brawlhalla!

1: Use your dodge ability. Lots of players don’t seem to do this. They don’t use a very useful ability, which is dodging. You can easily dodge enemy attacks and projectiles using your dodge ability as well as it can sometimes be a powerful recovery tool when used with a special ability.

If times right, you can dodge in mid-air before using a special ability in order to do that ability mid-air rather than do a recovery. This can lead to pretty intense combos and great recoveries.

You can also use your dodge ability to dash on the ground which will make you faster. Using a dash followed by a side-special attack makes the special attack have more range allowing you to easily catch your opponent off-guard.

2: Use your Light Attacks. Your special attacks might seem great, and they are, but when you miss a special attack, your opponent can easily punish you for it and deal lots of damage, or perhaps even knock you out.

Try practicing some Light Attacks, chain them together to make combos, That way you can deal damage to your opponent with no consequences if you missed.

A good player can play and win using only light attacks, without ever using special attacks.

3: Use Combos and Chain attacks. Combo up your light attacks with more light attacks or even a special attack to do lots of damage.

A popular combo for the bow weapon is Side Light attack, Down light attack, and then a neutral light attack which deals lots of damage and is very hard for your opponent to dodge it.

Each weapon has different combos, but the same weapon has the same combos over different legends. For example, the archer combo I mentioned earlier can be used with any legend that uses an archer weapon. While some other combos that use special attacks are unique for only that specific legend.

Combos should be your primary way of attacking and doing damage, they might be a bit hard to do, but with practice, you’ll be using combos in every game.

4: Practice! Practice makes perfect. Make sure you practice all your combos before going into a ranked game. If you keep practicing your combos you’ll do them right most of the time.

The more you practice, the better and more efficient your combos will be, thus making you stronger and better at the game.

You should practice with every weapon you’re going to use and every combo for that weapon, or at least the most used combos in order to get better at that specific weapon or legend.

5: Learn your legend. You need to know your legend before being able to get better with him. You need to know his weapons, how to play those weapons, his special attacks, recovery, combos, combos paired with special attacks for that legend.

You need to know the in-and-out of your legend, his range, his speed, damage output, etc… This information is vital if you’re going to main a legend. You want to know when to engage, when to dodge, when your damage is enough to finish him off or when you should go for damage combos. There are lots of things to consider when playing, and knowing your legend will help you get a lot better at the game.

6: Use the most comfortable control settings to play. Every person has their own controls and keybindings, and you have to find yours.

Don’t listen to people that say you have to use set keybinds, use what you prefer and what you’re most comfortable with. After all, who’s going to use them other than you?

The more comfortable you are with your settings the easier it will be for you to comfortably land combos and chains without missing a beat or pressing the wrong key.

7: Watch pro players and tournaments. There is always something to learn, see what they do, why they do it, learn from them. Pro players have spent countless hours practicing and perfecting their legend and the mechanics of the game. Try and see what they do, learn from them, this will help you get better in the long run.

8: Adapt your play style. Your playstyle might be great and have won you many rounds, but in some rounds, against certain opponents, their playstyle just counters yours.

You usually dash right before using your special attack? Well, your opponent keeps on predicting that, you should try to not dash, but rather jump, or do something different.

Brawlhalla is a game about reading your opponent and predicting what they’ll do next, so it is very important to try to be as unpredictable as you can. Change up your playstyle through the game, this will confuse your enemy and make him miss more hits or allow you to land more hits.

9: Map Control. It’s very important and if you can maintain it, it will give you a massive advantage over your opponent. Each play has a large area they can use on the map without being in their opponent’s range, that’s called map control.

The better your map control is, the more of an advantage you’ll have over your opponent. You can control weapon spawns, high-ground/low-ground, cliffs, etc… which will give you lots of benefits over your opponent and deny him items and weapons which will force him to try and approach you, but you’ll have the advantage since you’re the one holding your position.

10: Recovering. Don’t panic when you get thrown off the map, you have so many ways to get back, just stay calm and use your jumps and skills in a timely manner that will allow you to safely get back to the stadium.

Rather than spamming the jump button once you are knocked off, try to slowly jump up, once you reach your max jump height, jump again or use a recovery move. You can also use your neutral dodge + ability to get back, which will depend on the legend you’re playing.

You can get back to the stadium from almost any point in the map as long as you’re carefully trying to get back rather than panicking and spamming the jump and recovery buttons… that almost never works.

Try recovering in practice, you can see how much range you have. Jump off and see how far you can go and still be able to recover. It is very important to know this as this can change the outcome of a game if not used correctly.

Bonus: Did you know that you can use your throw button to pick up items? This is much better than using the light attack button to pick up items so you won’t have to keep attacking the air rather than picking up the item in crucial times.

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