Top 10 Best Enchantments in Minecraft

Your normal weapons just don’t cut it anymore? Your tools are no longer as efficient as before? Maybe you want some raw diamond ore, or perhaps want a way to deal with those spiders. We’ll be listing the top 10 best enchantments in Minecraft but first, let’s give you a little info about enchanting.

In order to start enchanting items, you need Four things. Something to enchant (A weapon, armor, tools, etc…), Lapis Lazuli, Levels, and an Enchanting Table.

minecraft enchantment table

To enchant an item, you need to put the item in its slot in the enchanting table and put 1-3 Lapis Lazuli in the Lapis slot. Then, you can pick one of the enchantments shown on the side. When you hover over an enchantment, it will show one of the enchantments you’ll get (in Pocket Edition, you can tap an enchantment before placing the Lapis Lazuli in order to see what the enchantment might give).

minecraft enchantment

In order to get better enchantments, you need to build bookshelves around the Enchantment Table. You need 15 Bookshelves around the Enchantment Table leaving one block of air between them in order to get the maximum level enchantment possible, which is level 30.

There are many things you can enchant, including Bows, Swords, Armour, Tools, Fishing Rods, and even books to make enchanted books which you can use with an Anvil!

Now that you know the basics of Enchantments, let’s get started with what the best Enchantments in the game are!

1: Fortune

The Fortune Enchantment is for pickaxes; it gives you a chance to drop more items when mining. 

For example, if you mine a vein of 4 diamonds with a normal pickaxe, you’d get 4 diamonds. But with a Fortune Pickaxe, you’ll probably get anywhere from 5-12 diamonds from that vein.

 Fortune Pickaxes are really great and can increase your findings by a lot. It’s always nice to get a full stack of coal from just one vein of coals.

2: Infinity

Infinity on a bow gives you infinite ammo for your bow. That means you no longer need to carry stacks upon stacks of arrows just to use your bow.

The Infinity enchantment is the most important enchantment you can get for a bow. All you need is one arrow and a bow with the Infinity enchantment and you can have unlimited ammo until your bow breaks.

Without the Infinity enchantment, bows will require lots of resources to maintain all that ammo as well as take a lot of inventory space. That is why the Infinity enchantment is the best enchantment you can possibly get for a bow.

3: Unbreaking

You got a tool, sword, bow, or armor that you got a very good enchantment on? It will take too many resources to keep repairing it each time it’s about to break, so why not give it the enchantment Unbreaking to increase the durability by up to 3 times!

Unbreaking is a must for your favorite tool or weapon or else that tool or weapon will break and be gone forever.

4: Efficiency

Efficiency is an enchantment that is guaranteed to save you a ton of time. It can double your mining speed and make you mine blocks very fast. It is used on pickaxes and it increases mining speed.

An enchantment that saves time? Perfect! Combined with Unbreaking and Fortune, you can have the perfect pickaxe for mining!

5: Silk Touch

This is a very useful enchantment to have on a pickaxe. It allows you to get the item mined as it is, so if you mind diamond ore with a pickaxe, you’d get diamond ore rather than diamonds. If you mined stone, you’d get stone rather than cobblestone.

It is very useful and resourceful to have a Silk Touch pickaxe with you at all times, it doesn’t have to be your main pickaxe, it can just be a pickaxe in your inventory that you can use when you need some sort of item.

6: Sharpness

Ahh, how can we not include possibly the most fun to use enchantment, Sharpness? It’s simple, your sword does more damage, easy, simple, and time-saving!

You can easily one-shot or two-shot mobs using a Sharpness sword, it can help you easily kill off Creepers, Endermen, and Skeletons before they kill you.

7: Looting

Looting is basically the same thing as Fortune but for swords. It allows mobs you kill to drop more loot. So if you kill a Chicken, you get more chicken. Kill an Enderman, you get a higher chance of getting an Enderpearl.

A Looting sword is great to have, especially if you’re fighting mobs just to get the items they drop.

8: Projectile Protection

An enchantment that is equipped to armor which reduces damage from projectiles such as arrows and fireballs. This is very important since you don’t want skeletons killing you from afar.

9: Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect is yet another great addition to your sword. What’s more fun than burning those pesky mobs? Fire Aspect deals lots of damage and is very good against mobs like skeletons who can knock you back and be very annoying to deal with overall.

10: Protection

Protection is the last enchantment in our list. The classic Protection enchantment gives your armor more… armor. Having full diamond armor with protection III on each piece basically makes you unstoppable. Protection, like Efficiency and Sharpness, is the classic most common enchantment on a piece of armor.

Honorable mentions: 

Lure. If you’re gonna go fishing, don’t go without a Lure enchantment, it’s not worth it. The Lure enchantment makes it so much faster to get fish and items from the ocean making it so much easier to fish and much less time-consuming.

Knockback is great for taking out Creepers and Endermen but it is terrible with skeletons. Knockback is a good enchantment to have since it might save you and your house from a creeper explosion.

Thorn is a fun enchantment used on your armor which deals damage to all enemies that melee hit you. This means Zombies deal damage to themselves while attacking you. The perfect counter for hordes of Zombies.

Flame is basically Fire Aspect but on bows. Flaming arrows, what more do you want? Arrows will burn the enemies dealing lots of damage over time, allowing you to focus on other targets with your bow.

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