The 12 Best Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Install

Minecraft is endless, from exploration to crafting, survival to battling bosses, you can have endless fun with all the game modes there are. Already tired of the classic vanilla Minecraft experience? Try playing Minecraft with mods, with countless mods out there, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in Minecraft. We’ll be listing off the top 10 best Minecraft mods that you can download and play with today!

1. Optifine 

Optifine is possibly the most important Minecraft mod that you need to have in the game. Optifine allows you to customize Minecraft’s settings even more than before, allowing low-end computers to be able to tune down settings that they couldn’t otherwise do in Minecraft normally, that would allow their computer to handle the game and give the user a lot more FPS than before.

The opposite also stands true, you can increase the details and settings of the game to make it look better if your computer can handle it… careful though, it might be a bit heavy on your computer.

2. Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a great mod that changes the gameplay completely. Delve into the world of Pokemon combined with the open-world survival of Minecraft.

With 799 different Pokemon included, all voiced and characterized, each with their own spawn biomes, item drops, and boss Pokemon.

The Pixelmon mod provides a truly unique experience for Minecraft. Craft Pokeballs, search for legendaries and shinies. Battle trainers, Pixelmon has everything that pokemon has to offer and more.

There are lots of Pixelmon server with lots of active users online that will allow you to play Pixelmon with others, have Gym battles with actual people are Gym leaders, and trade with other players.

Pixelmon is one of the most intense unique mods with lots of features put in for Minecraft.

3. Mutant Mobs

Mutant Mobs is a mod that has a rare chance of mutating some of the mobs that spawn such as Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies.

The mod is great and it feels so good when you find one of those mutated mobs in the wild, it will create a new challenge and the mobs will even give some nice loot once you kill them… if you can kill them that is.

The mobs are very hard to kill and have strong abilities which are unique and fun… sometimes… to play against. This mod adds a challenge to the game and gives you more things to play with and provides a thrilling yet terrifying experience.

4. Not Enough

Not Enough Items is a mod that lists every single item in the game. It allows you to find items that you can’t otherwise find in Creative mode as well as show you item recipes and everything you need to know about an item. 

Not Enough Items is just a helpful mod to have in your survival or creative world to make your experience more pleasurable.

5. Journey Map

Journey Map is a plugin that will improve your gameplay by a lot. It’s like a minimap on the side where you can place a waypoint, check the area, and mark your favorite spots to know where to get back to once you get lost.

The minimap can even allow you to see mobs behind you which can help you avoid those pesky creepers creeping up on you.

With all of these features, the Journey Map mod will enhance your gameplay by a lot and allow you a better view of your surroundings and the area you are in.

Overall, The Journey Map mod is one of the must-have mods for anyone playing survival.

6. Advanced Rocketry 

Advanced Rocketry is a mod that takes Minecraft beyond the stars… literally. You can create rocket ships and create machines, do research and experiments, create satellites and space stations, and basically embrace your inner space-loving self.

7. The Animal Bikes

The Animal Bikes mod is a fun mod that allows you to ride mobs… that’s it, just pick your favorite mob and ride away!

There are a few extra rideable mobs added that aren’t in Vanilla Minecraft, such as the Chocobo and the Flower bike.

The Animal Bikes mod is just a mod to have a little bit of fun riding through the grass or soaring through the sky. It’s just a fun thing to do once in a while!

8. Carpenter’s Blocks

Carpenter’s Blocks is a mod to unleash your designer-self, it allows you to create blocks different than the usual Minecraft blocks.

With the Carpenter’s Blocks mod, you can build slopes, customized shapes, basically, anything you can think of can be created with Carpenter’s Blocks, which allows you to create the perfect house or town for you.

9. Millénaire

Millénaire is a mod that gives lots more depth to the world and to the villages you find. You can find children, women, and men in the village, with lots of diversity such as races and culture of villages.

While yes, the 1.14 update refined villagers and added new features to villages such as pillagers, but the Millénaire stays on this list since it’s completely different and gives you something new to discover.

The Millénaire gives you a lot more to do in the game. There are lots of items to collect and things to discover in this mod that it makes it a great addition to a survival world.

10. Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks is a mod that is very hard to let go of once you try it. It helps you easily organize your inventory, chests, and all the items that you pick up in a really nice and simple manner.

Inventory Tweaks also automatically replaces any tool that runs out of durability in your Hotbar, which is really useful, especially when you’re mining.

The mod automatically replaces stacks of blocks in your Hotbar which is great while building.

Inventory Tweaks, overall, is a highly customizable mod that is very efficient and useful. It is a good mod that you’ll probably not want to get rid of once you download it.

Mod Packs are packs containing lots of mods that refine your gameplay and complement each other all bundled up into one neat package. There are lots of incredible mod-packs that will change how you play the game. The Mod packs below are some of the best mod packs you can install to play Minecraft in a different way.

11. Tekkit

Tekkit is a one-way ticket to technology in Minecraft. Once you start playing with the Tekkit mod pack, Minecraft will probably be too simple for you.

Tekkit is one of the most popular mod packs in Minecraft, and for good reason. Tekkit is a combination of several different engineering mods such as Buildcraft and Modular Powersuits which focus on machinery and building.

There are lots of Tekkit servers you can join where you can get help while starting out as well as play with others.

12. Hexxit

Hexxit is on the other side of the coin from Tekkit. While Tekkit focuses on engineering and machinery, Hexxit focuses on adventure, dungeons quests, exploration, and loot.

With tons of new features that you can explore and enjoy, you’ll never run out of things to do in the wild. From encountering new enemies to completing quests to exploring vast dungeons, Hexxit has everything you need to enjoy your Minecraft adventure. 

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