Top 10 Best Removed Items in League of Legends

Have you been playing League of Legends for a long time? Do you miss the old days when mana potions were still a thing? Come on a trip down to memory lane as we revisit the top 10 best removed items in League of Legends!

10. Zephyr

Zephyr was an item that gives great mobility. It gives the holder 10% movement speed and reduces the duration of all CC by 35%. Accompanied with 50 AD and 40% Attack Speed, this item was a beast for champions like Master Yi, Jax, and Tryndamere.

Zephyr was added to the game in the pre-season 3 patch, and removed from the game in late-season 5. It was re-added to the game in the Nexus Blitz game mode but was then removed yet again after Nexus Blitz was pulled out of the game.

9. Sword of the Divine

Sword of the Divine was a lethal item for ADCs, it granted the holder 18 lethality, 25 AD, and 25% Attack Speed. The deadly part about this item is its active; For 3 seconds, your next 3 basic attacks grants 100% bonus attack speed and 100% bonus critical strike chance.

This active is insane for champions like Vayne, Twitch, Master Yi, and many other champions that benefit from extra attack speed and crit chance.

Sword of the Divine was removed from the game in late-season 4, but was reintroduced in Nexus Blitz, before it was removed again when Nexus Blitz was pulled out of the game.

8. Feral Flare 

Feral Flare was a jungle item that stacked in the jungle and gave the holder extra damage and healing on auto-attacks, which was great on champions like Udyr and Master Yi.

Feral Flare also allowed you to place a ward and gives you extra gold income, so this item was a must-buy for most jungle champions, if only for the additional gold income.

The item was nerfed several times before finally being removed in late-season 4. Feral Flare still remains a memorable item for all junglers.

7. Oracle’s Elixir

Oracle’s Elixir is an item that gives you stealth detection for 4 minutes. This means that you can see wards, traps, shrooms, stealthed champions, etc… anywhere near you for 4 entire minutes. The elixir only cost 400 gold, which is incredibly cheap compared to what it can accomplish.

This item alone can counter so many champions like Teemo, Evelynn, Rengar, and many stealth-based champions. It was a must-buy item if you’re playing against any champion the relies on stealth.

6. Banner of Command

Have you ever seen a Banner of Command combo video? Banner of Command was a beast in the Meta, with entire teams buying it and placing it on minions or siege minions before it was removed.

The item went through a lot of buffs and nerfs, before that it was a rarely used item. After the 8.11 patch buff, the item became a must-buy on all teams, granting 70% reduced damage from champions to the minion it is equipped to. Teams could buff an entire minion wave to become almost unkillable, or buff three cannon minions in each lane to make a very powerful wave push for every lane.

A common strategy used with this item is buffing a cannon minion on an empty lane such as top or bot, then head over to mid to fight a teamfight. The teamfight will either be a 5v5 but with the bot lane/top lane tower under heavy attack, or a 4v5 teamfight where one of their team is trying to repel the wave you just buffed. This item had great impact on the meta for that patch and has seen a lot of competitive play in the LCS.

The item was then nerfed in the same patch 8.11 as a hotfix, before fully removing the item on patch 8.12.

5. Force of Nature 

force of nature lol

Force of Nature was one of the items removed very early on in the game. The item was one of the best items for tanks. It grants massive HP regeneration and Magic resist. The HP regeneration can turn any tank into an unkillable sustain champion. A Mundo running Force of Nature and Warmog’s Armor would be a force that cannot be stopped.

Force of Nature was removed in Season 2 because the magic resistance provided was too high, as well as the stats didn’t have much synergy.

Fortunately, the item got re-added back into the game for Nexus Blitz for a while, until Nexus Blitz was no longer playable, then the item was gone again.

Hopefully the item gets reintroduced, or perhaps returns with Nexus Blitz in the future. But for now, we can only remember this legendary item.

4. Leviathan

Leviathan is another stacking item but for tanks. Leviathan, Mejai’s, and Sword of the Occult are the stacking trio. Leviathan grants 32 HP per stack and gives 2 stacks per kill, 1 per assist, which adds up to 640 HP at 20 stacks and gives a special passive that reduces damage taken by 15% which is insane.

Leviathan was removed from the game later in season two, unlike the Sword of Occult which was removed in Season 5.

3. Sword of the Occult

Sword of the Occult was a popular item similar to Mejai’s but for AD champions. Sword of the Occult grants 5 AD per stack, up to 20 stacks. You gain 2 stacks for kills, which means if you have 20 stacks, you’ll have 100 AD, along with a unique passive that gives you 20% Attack Speed.

With these incredible stats, containing the highest raw AD when fully stacked back then, the item was insanely powerful. It makes sense to see the item being removed, but it was still a major item that we miss using.

2. Mana Potion

The classic, the one, the only, Mana Potion. No one ever saw it coming, but Riot decided to remove this item, clarifying that a health potion is enough.

Mana Potions were like a temporary Blue buff, they were every mana-consumer’s to-go item. No matter which lane you went, you almost always bought a mana potion.

Mana Potions were re-introduced into the game with the Kleptomancy rune, but it can’t be purchased from the shop, so it’s basically gone forever from the shop.

The Mana Potion along with Deathfire Grasp are the two most memorable items in the entire game, with both of them lasting a long time in the game.

1. Deathfire Grasp

The holy AP Trinity used to be Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. They each used to give 120 AP along with a unique passive and stats. Deathfire Grasp was a favorite to many players everywhere. Whether they were playing Veigar, Evelynn, or Katarina, Deathfire Grasp was the perfect starting item on almost any AP burst champion.

The community went wild the day Deathfire Grasp was removed, videos mourning its loss were publish, and lots of memes were made. Deathfire Grasp was the most memorable item in the game (along with one other item next up on the list) and will always have a place in our hearts.

Deathfire Grasp returned during Nexus Blitz for a short while until the game mode was pulled out and was no longer playable.

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