Top 15 Mods for The Witcher 3 in 2019

Tired of the same old Witcher 3 game or just want to try some new and exciting additions to the Witcher 3? We’ll be listing the top 15 best mods for The Witcher 3 which are sure to enhance your gameplay.

1: Debug Console Enabler is a must-have mod if you’re going to be using any mods at all. The Debug Console Enabler allows you to unlock the Debug Console which grants access to many useful functions such as spawn enemies, change the weather, heal yourself, makes you invincible, it can even switch your player character at any time you want!

The Debug Console Enabler can allow you to easily interact with other mods you have installed which can help you test the mods out and enjoy the mod to its full potential. This is why Debug Console Enabler is a must-have mod.

2: Nexus Mod Manager is basically your gateway into modding. This mod allows you to easily download, install, and uninstall mods with a simple click. It also allows you to manage mods, edit which one goes first, in what order should they start, etc…

The Nexus Mod Manager is one of the essential mods to start modding your game, just like Debug Console Enabler, they help you mod the game easier, faster, better, and give you more customizable options for your mods.

3: The Witcher 3 HD Rework Project is a graphic enhancing mod that turns up your game’s textures and graphics up a notch.

This mod allows you to experience the world of The Witcher in full HD, allowing you to admire every detail in great depth and quality, enhancing your gameplay experience by quite a bit.

Of course, you need at least a decent computer to handle this, but otherwise, you can enjoy all the new textures this mod has to offer.

4: Over 9000 is a must-have mod for any hoarder or anyone that likes collecting items. This mod gives your inventory extra weight of up to… you guessed it, 9000.

With this mod, you can carry as many items as you want, you don’t need to worry about dropping that sword you might use in those special situations, just keep it with you… just in case.

5: Fast Travel From Anywhere is a mod that does exactly as the name says; you don’t need to search for a sign in order to fast travel, you can do it anywhere in the map and at any time you want.

This handy tool will help you get to missions faster, take on new quests, and is a very useful mod to have overall. This is especially helpful if you’ve already seen and experienced the beauty of the Witcher world and don’t want to spend countless hours walking and seeing more of it.

6: The Autoloot mod is a really helpful mod, especially when paired with the Over 9000 mod. This mod allows you to automatically pick up loot and items off of any enemy you kill, making it so much more convenient and easier for you to progress through the game.

7: FCR3 is a mod that balances the game by a lot. It is developed by someone who has actually worked on a game before, with experience and knowledge.

This mod gives buffs and nerfs to many enemies and allies in the game, making it more balanced overall and enhancing the experience while playing it.

The FCR3 mod also fixes lots of bugs in the game allowing for smooth gameplay. Beware though, the game does get a bit harder to play using the FCR3 mod as everything is more balanced out.

8: All Quest Objectives On Map is a mod that shows every objective for your active quest on your map, how convenient!

This mod is especially handy for people that like to track multiple quests at once.

You can also easily change the currently tracked objective without going all the way over to the Quests menu.

9: Auto Apply Oils is a very handy mod that will automatically apply the correct type of oil depending on the enemy you’re fighting.

This can save the trouble of going all the way through your inventory and applying oils. 

It is also very useful if you keep forgetting to apply oils during combat. This mod is very convenient and will save a lot of time.

10: Friendly HUD is a mod made specifically to help you interact with the game better and easier. It allows you to fully customize the HUD making it simpler to look at while still containing all the information you need. 

This mod can make your screen less cluttered allowing you to capture beautiful screenshots and gives you a better visual on the screen.

11: PhotoMode allows you to freely pause the game, move the camera around, and take a screenshot of anything you want and in any perspective you want.

Take beautiful or funny screenshots by simply positioning your camera to your liking. Capture the breathtaking scenery or those humorous moments when you encounter a bug in full detail and at any angle you want.

12: No Fall Damage allows you to avoid fall damage… yes… that’s it! You can now parkour around towns without fear of splatting on the cobblestones and visiting the loading screen once again.

13: Indestructible Items – No More Weapon Degradation is a mod that prevents your weapons from degrading. It takes away the frustrating part of losing a beloved weapon due to degradation and breaking.

This will help you keep your favorite weapons perfectly safe in every fight and allow you to use them as much as you want without worry.

14: Mod Limit Fix is a recent mod that removes the mod limit. You don’t need to worry anymore about having too many mods because let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too many mods.

You can increase the limit that causes the game to break when using many mods. So now you can install as many mods as you want without any worry.

15: The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod is an overhaul mod that changes the entire combat system in the game among other things.

The combat system in The Witcher 3 is completely reworked with this mod. Injuries can now happen with any attack, there are new animations, new ways to parry, and several different ways to charge over distances. The biggest change is it removes the autotargeting system, allowing you to attack any enemy you want in any way or order you like.

Since this mod completely changes the game, it is recommended to use it after you’ve already played and finished the game once. The Witcher 3 Enhances Edition is a very good reason for you to re-install the game if you already finished it and uninstalled it.

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