20 of the Easiest Pokemon to Draw

One of the best ways to learn how to draw is by drawing things you like and recognize. So what better way to get started than by drawing some of your favorite Pokemon?

It’s generally recommended to start out drawing the basic geometric shapes, starting small and working your way up.

We’ve compiled some of the easiest Pokemon to draw for you here to help you get started cartooning. As you improve and get better at drawing, try your hand at some of the hardest Pokemon to draw next.


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It was tempting to leave Ditto off this list, just because he might be too easy to draw. Our friendly creature is an amorphous blob with just a pair of eyes and a smile. It shouldn’t take you too long to learn how to draw him.

Voltorb & Electrode

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Next up are Voltorb and Electrode. They’re essentially the same drawing expect Electrode has a mouth. Try to draw as perfect of a circle as you can and work on your shading with these two.

Diglett / Dugtrio

Image result for diglettImage result for dugtrio

The hardest part about drawing Diglett is not the character, but rather the ground from which he pops out of. Once you’ve mastered Diglett, you can then draw a Dugtrio by drawing three angry Digletts!


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If you’ve ever drawn a heart before, you can probably draw Luvdisc. It’s essentially just a heart with an eyes and a mouth.

Igglybuff / Jigglypuff 

Image result for igglybuffImage result for jigglypuff

Our musically inclined friend is a good next step after you’ve mastered Voltorb. For Igglybuff and Jigglypuff, start with a circle and add in her other features one by one.


Image result for gulpin

Gulpin is another amorphous Pokemon to make the list. If you want a big harder of a challenge, try drawing him while he’s inhaling some food.


Image result for bounsweet

Bounsweet is a cute little Pokemon that resembles a turnip or mangosteen plant. When drawing her, make sure you try to keep the leafs and body the right ratio.


Image result for marill

Like Jigglypuff, you can learn how to draw Marill starting with a few shapes. Draw an oval for her body and slowly add her other body parts.


Image result for oddish

Oddish is a great Pokemon to learn how to draw because of its leaves. Once you know how to draw and shade leaves well, that opens you up to all sorts of other grass type Pokemon to draw next.


Image result for togepi

One of Misty’s favorite Pokemon, Togepi is a great Pokemon for beginner artists to draw. The most difficult part is drawing her egg shell patterns correctly.


Image result for wobbuffet

Wobbuffet is fun to draw because of how silly he looks all the time. Try to get the ratio of his feet to head just right. And don’t forget the eyes on his tail.


Image result for Snorlax

Snorlax is so easy to draw because he’s essentially just a round ball from all the food he’s been eating!


Image result for mareep

Mareep may be slightly more difficult than others on this list, but she’s basically a cloud plus some body parts. You can do it!


Image result for porygon

Porgyon might look intimidating to draw, but when you break him down he’s essentially just a bunch of shapes put together. Start with just one shape and go from there – the eye is a good place to start.


Image result for spheal

Spheal is a chubby seal with stubby flippers and a short tail. If Spheal is too easy, give his evolutions Sealeo and Walrein a shot.


Image result for piplup

Piplup is a good character to draw after you’ve mastered some of the easier ones, as he has some more features you’ll have to account for like his toes and fur.


Image result for Psyduck

Our derpy friend Psyduck is a great choice for beginner artists to draw. You might struggle with placing his beak on his head properly so spend some time getting that just right.

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