Top 10 Most Fun Champions in League of Legends

Tired of tryharding every game and playing what’s best in the meta? Remember when you just used to play for fun? Well, kick back and relax from solo queue because we’re listing the top 10 most fun champions for you to play and enjoy the game!

10. Shaco

shaco lol

Shaco, whether AP, AD, Jungle, Top, Mid, or Support is just so fun. Go invisible and hit your enemy from the back! Shiv them as an AP Shaco to see half their HP disappear. Place a ton of boxes and watch everyone screem and run in terror is they activate your unholy boxes of death, what fun!

You can also make a clone of yourself that explodes on enemies, what more could you possibly want? Just summon a clone, make him dance-walk around the enemy team and BAM, explode, half their HP is gone (Only if you’re AP Shaco). You can also juke them by pretending YOU’RE the clone and watch them avoid hitting you.

9. Predator Nunu

nunu lol

Predator Nunu is going to come running at you with 700+ speed with a massive snowball if you don’t pick him, because that’s exactly what you’re going to do once you do pick him.

Full AP Predator Nunu, just go one-shot anyone at the speed of light because that’s what Nunu is made for. Zoom past your allies with the biggest snowball ever and just hit them with it causing them to immediately die, what fun!

Tired of kill the enemy team as fast as the eye can see? Well, try hiding in a bush and perhaps ask a teammate to bait the enemy to you. Once they approach you can just hit your ultimate and watch their HP Disappear, with them not even knowing what happened.

8. Garen

Specifically full lethality Garen. Now you might say, “Well, how is that fun?” Please try saying that again once you one-shot any enemy champion with your lethal sword.

With Garen’s entire kit being AD, he scales very well with lethality. It might not be good for your team, but it certainly is good for you, and that’s what we consider when we’re trying to have fun.

You can wait in a bush until an enemy comes close for you to destroy them, or perhaps try going in the enemy’s jungle, maybe you can find a jungler there that would look great once he’s hit with your sword.

With full lethality Garen, all you have to do is Q, E, and then, if needed, R the enemy champion to find them dead. The combo is fun and almost never gets old. Try it!

7. Thresh

It doesn’t matter whether you play him AD, AP, Support, or Tank, just hearing the click of his hook hooking onto someone is satisfying enough to give him a spot on this list.

His Q is one of the most fun abilities in the game. It is relevantly similar to Blitzcrank’s Q, but Thresh has more play-making options and abilities that will make you feel great if you pull them off.

Your whole team will be shouting your name once you make a good play with Thresh. He’s a fun, rewarding champion to play.

6. Singed

Singed is fun… weird, but fun. His playstyle is unlike any other champion; you have to run away from your enemies in order to kill them. If given lots of AP, singed can do tons of damage to anyone following him. What’s more fun than going inside the enemy’s base, running around their turrets with their entire team chasing you, only for them to die one by one while you easily escape. With Singed, every fight is a challenge, a fun one, you have to make them chase you, but make sure not to die in the process.

With an entire new playstyle and his unique way to deal damage, Singed can be great fun to play.

5. Teemo


Teemo is up next on this list. What’s more fun than just destroying your opponent? Well, making them the angriest people in the game sounds about right. When they’ve escaped a teamfight, so low on hp, running back to their tower, when suddenly, a shroom pops and kills them. How fun is that? When a very fed Master Yi comes up to you and tries to kill you, but you blinded him and thus he’s now the most useless champion there is, how fun is that?

A full AP Teemo with a Lich Bane equipped can do serious damage, killing enemies in two hits. Teemo is very fun to play… not very fun to play against though.

4. Miss Fortune 

miss fortune

AP Miss Fortune mid is surprisingly fun. Her E does so much damage and is very easy to wave clear with. It is satisfying to see your enemy’s HP go so low so fast. Watching minions die with your E is also very satisfying.

You can buy her Lich Bane and her Q will be devestating, dealing lots of damage to the first thing it hits. Her ultimate also scales with AP, so she can do tons of damage with her E + R combo, destroying enemy teams in seconds.

Already played Miss Fortune AP? Well how about full lethality/Crit Miss Fortune? Her ultimate will deal even more damage than before, making it a game-changer in teamfight as well as a really, really fun tool to kill people.

3. Malphite 


Full AP Malphite Mid, deleter of teams, king of Combo Wombos, and ruler of poke would like a spot on this list. Get yourself a full AP Malphite mid with arcane comet and you can endlessly harass your oponent with your Q until you unlock your ultimate, then you can endlessly one-shot your enemy with absolutely no chance of them fighting back.

Enemy jungler ganking you? No problem, ult them to death. Enemy laner farming? No problem, ult them to death. It is so fun watching the enemy struggle as you delete them using your ultimate.

In late game, Malphite’s ultimate can one-shot an entire team alone. Full AP Malphite is a very fun champion to play if you ever want to have fun in League of Legends.

2. Ekko 


Ekko is a really fun champion with lots of mobility. He can be played Top, Mid, or Jungle with various different builds! A top tanky Ekko with Iceborn gauntlet can carry a team just as well as a full AP Ekko mid without the game ever going boring.

Want to try something new? Go Ekko jungle and enjoy surprising your enemies with your fast mobility ganks and your strong CC. You can always jump in and out of teamfights easily using your E and ultimate which gives you even more plays to do!

Ekko support is another place Ekko can be, with his ranged slows, CC, and mobility, he can be quite destructive and fun to play with.

1. Ezreal

Ezreal is one of the most diverse League of Legends champion out there. Want to play him as ADC? Check. Play him as AP burst mid lane? Check. Kleptomacy Ezreal? Check.

There are so many builds to try, tactics to test, it’s hard to get bored with Ezreal. Go AP Ezreal mid and burst down your opponent like an assasasin. Or maybe you want to try going adaptive jungle Ezreal to change from AD to AP midway through the game. Perhaps you want to see how a tanky on-hit Ezreal top would look like.

Ezreal is not only diverse, but he’s also strong. His AP combo almost one-shots opponents from as early as minute 15! With so many ways to play him, Ezreal can be played for countless matches without getting stale.

Honorable mention

aurelian sol

Aurelian Sol is a dragon that can have an infinitely big Q which stuns and deals massive damage to everyone. Need I say more?

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