Is Star Citizen Worth Getting Into in 2019? A Look at the State of the Game

The ever controversial question and sources of hesitancy in people’s mind. Is Star Citizen worth getting into? Is it a hoax or is it actually developing? Is it playable? We’ll try to answer these questions for you.

First of all, let’s recap the history of Star Citizen. Chris Roberts started the Kickstarter for it at 2012, with a vastly undersized company that we could only call it a company due to formality at that time. The original Kickstarter was extremely different from what we know and have today.

The Kickstarter game was stated to be more of a single player experience, not much focus on planets, zoned, Freelancer-esque landings and “roaming” the planets/moons. Focus was on shooting and story and graphics were not the quality we see nowadays.

However backers requested more features, over time, the project shaped to what we know today. It was no longer possible to finish in the stated time of 2014 of course.

Due to immense amounts of, some could say, “scopecreep” the development lengthened and to this day, still continues.

Unlike certain articles and naysayers points out however, development goes at a steady pace and the backer count rises. While there are some delays which are the cause of past delays snowballing and not much can be done about it, patches come out, people plays the game and yes, it is actually playable.

While it is not chock full of content and there is only 1 system, core systems are mostly in place and FPS is good, game is mostly stable and there is still content to do, all while having room for player-created content. Be it Rexzilla’s 50-man PVP battles, Synchronizerz’s mission-style events or RPNET’s Roleplay events.

One of the more panic-inducing points that naysayers rise is, there having 27000 USD packages and claiming pay to win. No. You don’t need that 27k dollar pack, nor it’s pay to win. You do not need anything else than your good ol’ starter Aurora or Mustang package. You wont beat things in combat, you wont haul loads of cargo. However with the right missions and money generating options, you are able to make your way to either true combat ships or career starters such as salvagers or miners.

Even then, those “pay to win” ships needs crew, they need the people just started with a single aurora to crew their ships. They would pay hefty amounts, especially if one were to crew a cargo hauler or a big miner or salvager. The cycle turns into a beneficial one. More big ships people have, more crew is needed, in turn makes room for new people to make great amounts of money. Embrace the people with big fleets, do not think they are paying to win.

I would say, with a starter package, a good enough computer and friends to play with, yes, Star Citizen is absolutely worth buying and starters are viable stepping stones.

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